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Book one: Ex Tenebris
Series: Nëphyr
US/UK/CA/AU release: February 28, 2018, Evatopia Press
Book cover by Alexandra V Bach
Genre: dark fantasy
Age: 18 and up
“Be strong or be dead.” 

Such is the motto of Nemesis, Nëphyr and Queen of the New Hell’s Clan. Neither vampire nor werewolf, her kind is something in between, creatures with human appearances but monstrous urges for violence, flesh, and blood. She never chose to become a Nëphyr or a Queen. But this is her fate, and she has no choice but to accept it.


Her already complicated reign becomes even more difficult when intruders infiltrate New Hell and nearly destroy the Reserve, the place where prey is kept. With famine imminent, the Nëphyr are growing more and more bestial and want bloodshed worthy of the beginning of the Ex Tenebris Age, when all Creatures of Darkness revealed themselves to humanity in the most brutal way possible.


The only one Nemesis can count on is Nathanael, her lover, who would prefer their relationship to be more than just a casual affair. But a long-lasting relationship isn’t something she can offer with the scars of her past still fresh in her mind and the possibility of a war looming on the horizon.


Nemesis must discover who is behind the attack on the Reserve and end this crisis. For if she fails, death will come for everyone, including Nathanael and herself.

(This book contains some sensitive themes. Please take a few moments to look at the detailed list of trigger warnings that can be found here.)



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