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Book one: Poisoned Iris
Series: The Red Era
US/UK/CA/AU release: December 21, 2016, Evatopia Press
Book cover by Alexandra V Bach
Genre: post-apocalyptic dystopia
Age: 15 and up
The Red Plague, a violent virus that ran rampant decades ago, left its imprint on the planet and the flesh of men. All that remains of the modern world is an endless wasteland of ruins—Erebos—and two cities—Elysion, the obscure island of the Non-Infecteds, which no one knows a thing about, and Tartaros, the crumbling town of the Infecteds, where despair, hatred, violence, and poverty are the operative words.
At the heart of this universe lives Irisya, a sixteen-year-old, Non-Infected girl, recluse in her home to stay safe and relying on her brother, Memphis, for everything.
But then, one day, he disappears without a trace.
Irisya has no choice. To save him, to survive, she will have to brave all the dangers of the outside world.
(This book contains some sensitive themes. Please take a few moments to look at the detailed list of trigger warnings that can be found here.)



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