Shadow's Dangers Trigger Warnings page 

Because this book deals with sensitive themes and we all have some themes that we are uncomfortable with or that can affect us, it's important to me that every one of my readers feels comfortable during their reading.


That's the reason why I made a list about the sensitive themes in this book with the help of my readers.


Make sure there's no theme that may affect you.


If there's one or more and you really want to read this book, feel free to contact me via the contact form of my website to ask me where the theme(s) appear(s) so you can avoid it (them). 


  • Themes present throughout the book:



  • Themes mentioned:


  • Themes discussed:


  • Themes described:



sexual situation (nothing graphic)


If you encounter a theme during your reading that you think should be on that page, please contact me via the contact form of my website :



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